Automation, communication and life support systems

The telemechanics system of the linear part of the oil pipeline.

The company performed works on the telemechanization of 6 stop valve stations of the section of the linear pipeline portion.

As a result, remote control of the valves on the pipeline is provided, as well as remote monitoring of the parameters of the valve assemblies: position of the valves, oil pressure, signals on the passage of the cleaning device, signaling the flooding of the Metering Operation Center wells, auxiliary signals (power supply and power failures, temperature in the container of the control panel, fire-protect system alarms, etc.), altogether about 40 signals.

To accomplish the task, about 30 km of copper cables were laid in marshy and woodland conditions, an additional block-container for telemechanics equipment was installed, telemechanics cabinets were installed in the existing control and monitoring station block-containers and in a new one, for measuring pressure wells with MOC sensors and oil sampling devices were installed.

The additional block-container is equipped with an automatic system for maintaining the operating temperature from +5 to +40 degrees, power supply system from 10 kV power transmission lines, backup power system, fire alarm systems.

Controllers of remote control Motorola ACE-3600 with main and backup channels on Ethernet are used.

Total overhaul of a section of cable communication lines.

The company performed the total overhaul of the trunk section of cable communication line (CCL). This CCL has two data lines: main and standby. On each transmission line, after a certain distance, unmanned repeater stations (URS) are installed, consisting of a thermocamera with communication equipment for signal regeneration.

The thermal chamber of the URS of the backup data line was replaced, the communication equipment was transferred from the old URS to a new one, the existing backup data line was switched to the new URS.

Installation of oil parameter control and registration unit at 3 sites.

The company installed systems for automated measurements of oil quality at 3 facilities.

Measurements are carried out in the Crude Quality Measuring Unit (CQMU). Pressure, temperature, viscosity, the proportion of water, sulfur, impurities, paraffin, etc., are under control, total about 15 parameters.

Works on the preparation of a frame base on piles for CQMU were carried out, the construction of a well of MOC and STI, and the construction of a cable bridge were completed.

For sampling oil from the pipeline, a Sample Taking Instrument (STI) is installed in the MOC and STI well.

The well of the MOC and ROM is mounted around the pipe Ду1000 of the oil pipeline. It is intended for the placement of STIs, MOC sensors and provides the possibility of personnel working there.

For transmission of signals from the sensors of oil parameters of the CQMU, about 7 km of cables were laid to the place of installation of the data collection controllers.

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