Security systems

  • Security alarm systems. Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Access control systems. Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Security CCTV. Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Control systems of security personnel, monitoring and registering staff working hours, registering meal consumption by employees, visitors' registration. Design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Turnkey installation of all systems.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of all systems.

Extracts from some interesting design solutions

Video surveillance system for the production process of the glass wool plant
  • The system is installed in an industrial enterprise with a high level of electrical noise. To eliminate the effect of interference for the transmission of video signals we used twisted pair transceiver with galvanic isolation.
  • Video cameras monitor various parts of the conveyor, technologically important production sites, areas with radioisotopes, one camera is installed near each furnace to control the quality and form of melt jet.
  • Video cameras for melt control are installed in sealed Videotec NXW0K1025 housings with water-cooling with air-barrier and IR protection glass. For difficult shooting conditions, we selected Panasonic WV-CP484 cameras with a high dynamic range.
  • For image processing SecurOS of ISS production surveillance system is used. The system consists of 1 video server and 3 operator workstations.
A video surveillance system for a logistics company to monitor areas of processing, packaging and package delivery with the recording function of inside information about parcels (weight, barcode, date, time)
  • The system is installed in workstations for processing of cargo package of high value. Each workstation is equipped with a video camera, scales, barcode scanner.
  • When processing a package it is weighed, its barcode is scanned and this information is recorded on the video server with the image of corresponding camera. The information is recorded in the form of subtitles on the image and in the database. In the future, you can search for a video record of a package processing by sending its code or weight.
  • Information from the scale is transferred through RS-232 interface to the video server; information from a scanner, which emulates a keyboard, is received by a processing software module and sent through TCP / IP to the video server. Processing module is designed specifically for this project by our company programmers.
Security alarm system (SAS) of the bank branch in the branch network

Features of engineering and design solutions:

  • Standardization of the equipment in the entire branch network
  • Separation of the security subsystems of the depositary, the cash center, office and alarm buttons.
  • Meet the bank security department requirements and the GNP 001-01
  • Display alarms to PSС and PSB, for connection with the equipment that sends alarm to PSA and PSB we use ContactID protocols and interfaces, dry contact relay output, GPRS / GSM.
  • Long battery life if the main power supply is switched off.
Security alarm system (SAS) of a storage complex of a large industrial enterprise

Features of engineering and design solutions:

  • Geographically distributed system, control devices of which are distributed at the facility and merged into a single system via RS-485, Ethernet. For extending RS-485, we use converters in Ethernet, radio repeaters.
  • Integration with CCTV to automatically display alarm area on observation monitors.
  • The concept of protection system organization - protection of the facility site perimeter, the buildings' perimeter, of emergency exits, of important areas of the buildings.
  • Perimeter protection with Optex active ray and passive infrared street sensors; entrance protection - with balanced magnetic sensors with duplicate passive infrared detectors as a "curtain", premises protection - with IR passive sensors, if necessary, balanced magnetic sensors and glass break.
Security alarm system (SAS) of shopping malls, business centers

Features of engineering and design solutions:

  • Control devices and system extensions are distributed in technical rooms of the facility. This allows increased system flexibility, the possibility of extension and modification (such as when tenants change), reduces the amount of cabling.
  • Typically, system controllers are placed in designated areas (cross, switchboard, servers, etc.), where the access of unauthorized persons is limited. This increases the security of the system and simplifies its maintenance in tenants working hours.
  • The possibility of connecting tenants’ local alarm systems.
  • The concept of the protection system organization - protection of the buildings of the facility perimeter, of emergency exits, important rooms (switchboard, ventilation chambers, storage, server, cross, etc.), the doors on the border of common and service areas, tenants’ facilities.
  • We arrange monitoring and control system central post. Operational control and monitoring of the system are carried out according to the facilities' graphic plan.
  • Integration with access control systems (ACS) and CCTV. For example, the access to a guarded area is automatically blocked via ACS, automatic switching of the alarm surveillance monitor to cameras in the alarm area.
Security alarm system (SAS) of cottages, summer houses, apartments

Features of engineering and design solutions:

  • Wireless equipment is used that simplifies installation and keep facilities finishing untouched.
  • For alerting GSM / GPRS module is used with the ability to send SMS (text message) and use remote system management through tone signals and SMS operators, via Internet and TCP / IP.
  • The security concept:
    • Control of entrances with balanced magnetic and infrared sensors
    • Control of glazing with glass break sensors and infrared sensors
    • Wireless alarm keychains, stationary alarm buttons in the back rooms, closets, offices.
    • Additional gas leakage monitor sensors, fire sensors, leaks sensors, temperature sensors. Transfer alarms from them if mark is above of the given threshold.
Access control systems (ACS) of a major bank, integrated with the fire-alarm systems, with an automatic key dispenser (electronic keykeeper), with CCTV

Integration features:

  • Set security system according to the facilities readers,
  • The entrance to the guarded premises is blocked via the cards access system,
  • Distribution of premises keys according to the employee's access card
  • Automatic switch of the security alarm of the area at the time the key to the area is returned to the keykeeper
  • Display on the alarm monitor the cameras from the alarm areas, when one tries to access specially protected areas
Access control systems (ACS) in hotel rooms (VingCard) with integration into the hotel management system such as Micros Fidelio

Features of engineering and design solutions:

  • Use the programmable standalone door locks, made in VingCard, Onity or similar. Locks are fully autonomous, work from the built-in power supply. Each lock has a possibility to program own Id, keeps track of the latest passes.
  • Access allowed by Id card of the guest or staff. The card format - magnetic, smart card Mifire. The card keeps a list of Id of doors where access is allowed
  • To program the card and set the access to the required rooms and office space an encoder is used, which is connected to the computer at the reception desk.
  • Locks are installed on the doors of hotel rooms.
  • The system software is supported by hotel software Micros Fidelio
Access control systems (ACS) of an industrial enterprise with consideration of the working hours, of employees' meals, integration with enterprise management system such as SAP
Autonomous Access control system (ACS) of a small office with the controller management system on Web interface
On-line archiving system of event logs from multiple access control systems (ACS) of different manufacturers on an external server
The control system over each lunch meal and its limited number on network-based access control systems (ACS)

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